Weki Meki drop Mood Teaser and Album Preview for 'Hide and Seek'

Fantiago dropped the album preview image and a special 'mood teaser' for Weki Meki's upcoming comeback.

The album preview lists the items included in the album. The album seems to have 2 versions, Hide version and Seek Version.

The Hide version has darker themed items as compared to Seek, that has a lighter tone. Both the albums come with a poster, the DVD, random photocards, a set of stickers and a photobook.

album preview

The poster is available only for those who pre-order the album. The preorder details are still not out.

Check out the Mood Teaser below:
mood teaser

The Mood art gives a general idea about the vibe of the album. We can see a chandelier, flowers, guns and... marbles?

Stay tuned for more teasers. Check out the album scheduler here: