WEEEKLY's Debut Showcase cancelled at the last minute after fire breaks out near venue

PlayM's new girlgroup WEEEKLY just debuted. Unfortunately, amid all the excitement and nervousness of finally debuting, the group had to face a disappointing situation.
The debut showcase for Weeekly's first mini-album 'We Are' had to be cancelled at the very last moment. PlayM announced via Twitter and VLive that a fire had broke out in a nearby building, close to the concert venue where the showcase was taking place. Even the broadcast had started on VLIVE at the scheduled time of 8pm KST.

The staff and members were rushed out of the venue due to safety concerns and no injuries have been reported. PlayM's immediate notification/statement can be found below:

Hey! While you're here, watch their debut release 'Tag Me (@ME)' below!

I hope all the members and PlayM staff are secure and have safely left the location. This isn't the best situation a group that just debuted should be facing and I hope fans understand how upsetting this must be for the girls.

Stay tuned for updates. PlayM will provide clarification on the situation soon.