Watch: LOONA start an unknown adventure on 'Loona The Tam' Season 2

LOONA are back with their fun reality series 'Loona The Tam' aka 'Loona Tam Tam Tam'. In this season of their own travel show, the members go on a special trip to... where?

As teased in the reveal trailer, the girls were not told by the staff about the location of shooting this time. Loona The Tam Season 1 featured the girls going on a joyful trip to 'Everland', an amusement park-cum-zoo well-known in Korea.

While their next destination remains a mystery even after the first episode of the second season, the show promises another fun-filled and joyous season with the 11 girls. Leader Haseul did not participate in either season and Blockberry has not announced any plans of her return to promotions in the foreseeable future. Haseul had to halt her activities after she was diagnosed with anxiety issues last December. She did not participate in the girlgroup's latest comeback, 'So What', for the same reason.

Stay tuned for more about Loona. Loona will be at KCON:TACT this year. They will be having a concert + meet and greet session + a 24hr idol segment. Read more about KCON:TACT here