Watch: Dreamcatcher are hilarious in self-shot web series 'World Of Dreamcatcher'

Dreamcatcher is well known for their goofiness. A few months ago they released a self-filmed music video for the b-side from their album 'Dystopia: The Tree Of Knowledge', 'Sahara'.

The septet is back with another one of their self-shot works, this time in the form of a short web-series on their YouTube channel. (Handong is not featured in the videos)

The series, titled 'The World Of Dreamcatcher', is a fictional work shot by the girls on their phones. All the editing and background music is also done by the members themselves. The series is the story of a con-man and his (her?) two wives. Watch the first episode above.

The second and final episode of the series is also out now. You can watch it on Dreamcatcher's official YouTube Channel.