TWICE take home their 100th music show win on Music Bank with 'More & More'!

The "nation's girlgroup" has done it again as they grabbed their 100th music show trophy today at Music Bank. TWICE has become the 2nd girlgroup in history to hit the milestone. They now stand head to head with the 2nd generation K-POP queens SNSD (Girl's Generation). This is the 3rd win for 'More and More'.

The win got even more special as TWICE member Dahyun was a special MC for today's episode of Music Bank! Dahyun shared the position with Golden Child's Choi Bomin.

Meanwhile, the overall most wins title is currently held by EXO, with 107 total music show wins. With the incredible reception of their latest release, TWICE are highly likely to surpass that number within this month.

Congratulations to TWICE for achieving this incredible milestone!
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