Watch: TWICE's Dahyun greets fans with a smile as JTBC's surprise weather girl

Dahyun surprised ONCEs as they woke up to her reporting the weather on the morning of 2nd June. On JTBC's regular telecast of morning weather report, the TWICE member was all smiles as she took the position of a co-weather forecaster. The segment started at 8am KST. Dahyun then took part in an interview, answering questions about her life as a TWICE member and the group's latest comeback.

Watch the video above. TWICE are back with their summer comeback, 'More & More'. Check out TWICE's fresh concept:

Dahyun alsk took a moment to showcase her 'skill' of bending her thumb to touch the wrist. ONCEs will understand what it is about, watch the video to see it for yourself.

In case you missed the special live showcase on YouTube and VLive, watch the VOD on TWICE's youtube channel