Rookie girlgroup Purplebeck celebrate first anniversary with a 'Reddit AMA'

Majesty Entertainment's girlgroup Purplebeck celebrated their first debut anniversary yesterday. As part of the celebrations, the group organised a small Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session. Several fans showed support in form of congratulatory messages during the session and asked some really interesting questions.

You can check out the AMA comments on the r/kpop Subreddit.

Here are some of the highlights:
What's been your favorite memory during your first year together as Purplebeck?
The best memory of the 1st year with PURPLEBECK is right now! It's the 1st anniversary of PURPLEBECK. Becky, congratulations on your 1 year with us.

This question is for Yeowool
What was it like being able to choreograph VALENTi? Did you feel nervous about it, or were you really excited?
Did you like VALENTi's choreography?
Now the MARE choreography will be revealed soon! I want you to wait with high expectations. There's a lot of choreography coming soon.

Tons of congratulations to Purplebeck for completing their first year as a group. I hope they get much more love from Beckies and the fandom keeps growing. Cheers!