The 12-member girlgroup is back with what might be their best work since debut. Fans have been waiting impatiently for more IZ*ONE. But was the wait worth it and will the fans' love translate into sales? Read on to find out my thoughts and the general reception of IZ*ONE's 3rd Korean album, 'ONEIRIC DIARY'!

Released 15th June 2020

  • Welcome
  • Secret Story Of The Swan (+Japanese)
  • Pretty
  • Merry-Go-Round (+Japanese)
  • Rococo
  • With*One
The cover art of the album is a suitable visual representation of the word 'Oneiric'. Oneiric Diary is the members' dream diary containing their thoughts and treasured memories of their bitter-sweet journey. On the sleeve, the girls stand in glistening outfits with a dreamy pink-blue gradient for the background.

The first track of the album is titled 'Welcome'. The song was used in the reveal trailer of Oneiric Diary. 'Welcome' is a perfect blend of dreamy vocals and harmony that serve as the intro for the album. The lyrics welcome you to 'IZ*LAND', IZ*ONE's dream world.

Secret Story Of The Swan has to be IZ*ONE's best title track so far. The powerful song combined with an equally hitting choreo serves as a full bundle showcasing the potential of the group. Yena's rap sequence and Chaewon's pre-chorus vocals are totally *chef's kiss*.

'Pretty' is to Oneiric Diary what 'So Curious' was to Bloom*IZ. The third track of the album is a bubblegum-pop song preaching self-love and beauty. IZ*ONE's signature cute sound resonates perfectly in this track. I'm not a big fan of cheerful songs, but there are always some exceptions and IZ*ONE's sound is one of them. Rococo and Merry-Go-Round are sure to lift you up when you're down. The fun dance tracks have a little for every type of listener.

Lean on me, forget about the time that has passed
WITH*ONE is my favorite track from Oneiric Diary. The members wrote the lyrics for the track with Wiz*One in mind. I published a separate article on TGGS talking about how special the song is for both the girls and the fans.
Here's is an extract from the article:
The song, as hinted in the title, is the members' address to their fandom 'Wiz*One'. The recent few months have been a test of strength and loyalty for the fandom. The closing sequence of the song is the reason the song penetrates deep into our hearts. The members in unison the words WIZ*ONEs' have been dying to hear.

I remember you, I will always remember you. I will protect you as much as I have hurt you

Here's hoping for a much longer promotional contract for IZ*ONE. Thank you IZ*ONE for the hard work. We hope we spend many more years together, making memories that we would treasure till eternity.