Mamamoo's Hwasa reveals tracklist for first mini-album 'Maria'

Hwasa's anticipated Mini-Album, 'Maria', is set to release on 29th June. Continuing the tease for her first mini-album, the Mamamoo member dropped the tracklist containing 6 new tracks. The album will also contain her last year's single release 'Twit'. A video for the tracklist is also available on VLIVE.

  • Intro: Nobody else
  • Maria
  • Kidding
  • WHY
  • I'm Bad Too
  • LMM
  • Twit

The title track, Maria, has been co-written by Hwasa herself. B-Side 'Kidding' is produced by singer-producer Zico. The intro track, Nobody Else, was released last week along with a sorrowful music video.