IZ*ONE reveal tracklist + Highlight medley for 'Oneiric Diary'

IZ*ONE continue to hype up their upcoming release with the reveal of Oneiric Diary's HIGHLIGHT MEDLEY. The girlgroup's 3rd mini album features 8 brand new tracks including 2 japanese renditions. The lead track is beautifully titled 'Secret Story Of The Swan'. Other new tracks include 'Rococo', 'Welcome', 'Pretty', 'Merry-Go-Round' and a fan-song 'With*One'.

The japanese versions of Merry-Go-Round and title track 'Secret Story of The Swan' are also included in the album. Check out the special tracklist below:


Oneiric Diary is IZ*ONE's 2nd comeback of 2020. But due to the facts stated below, fans regard this as their first new release of the year.

Oneiric Diary's production started after the end of the controversial vote-rigging situation that surrounded all the Produce series groups. The same situation that resulted in the disbandment of boygroup X1. IZ*ONE's latest release, BLOOM*IZ was an album prepared fully in 2019 and released after several delays, in 2020. Thus, Oneiric Diary contains the works of the members after going through a severely rough period of time and being away from the fans.