IZ*ONE release special performance versions of 'Pretty' and 'Secret Story Of The Swan'

Kicking off the promotional period for their latest release 'Oneiric Diary', IZ*ONE seem to have prepared a ton of special content for the fans. The girls performed the lead single 'Secret Story Of The Swan' and other tracks on their showcase earlier this week. WIZ*ONE's were surprised to see 3 more special videos from well-known entertainment platforms, namely Mu:Fully, Studio Choom and 1TheK.

Watch the 4k Performance video of 'Secret Story Of The Swan' on Studio Choom's YouTube Channel!

Watch the fun 'Gap Crush' version of 'Secret Story Of The Swan' on 1TheK's YouTube Channel

Watch the Mu:fully Special video for 'Pretty' on Mu:Fully's YouTube Channel