Watch: GFriend members try their upcoming mobile game 'Superstar GFriend'

All six members tested their skills at the game in new videos. Did they play well?
Dalcomsoft's popular 'Superstar' franchise is soon due to welcome the latest addition to the line, Supserstar GFriend. With less than a week to go for Source's popular girlgroup, the members tried out the game themselves recently. The game releases on June 15th.

One more artists-play video is due to release soon, stay tuned for that. Members Umji and SinB, the maknae-line of the group, test their skills at the game in the videos below. Did they play well? Who succeeds in beating the hard mode in first try? Check out the videos for the answers:

In other news, GFriend will be performing at the first ever KCON:TACT taking place later this month. Stay tuned for more! Read about GFriend's upcoming comeback