GFRIEND unveil 'A Tale Of Glass Bead: Butterfly Effect' [Comeback Trailer]

The queens of current era of K-POP, GFriend dropped a dreamy comeback trailer for their 10th Mini-Album, '回:Song Of The Sirens', coming next month!
The 'queens of concepts' have announced their return. GFRIEND just dropped the comeback trailer for 回:Song Of The Sirens. The comeback trailer, titled 'A Tale Of Glass Bead: Butterfly Effect' supersedes 'A Tale Of Glass Bead: Previous Story' from '回:Labyrinth'.

The mythical trailer picks up from Crossroads' ending and further elaborates the GFRIEND storyline that began years ago. Watch the exciting video above.

Are you excited for '回:Song Of The Sirens'?

The narration goes as follows:
This is our story.
Our story of when we ran, our hands clutched tightly together.
The unbroken road suddenly split into two, and there, darkness descended.
But we didn’t hesitate.
We ran towards the blue light.
We knew we’d be together again when we reached that light.
How far did we run?
Where is everyone?
What if we'd taken the other path instead?
Will we ever break free from this grim  and shadowy forest?
And then, a song, floating through the darkness.
There was an apple.
Sweet and succulent, one bite and rivulets of cold nectar would drip past your lips.
This is our story.
The story of our parting at the fork in the road,
Now standing alone before a glimmering red apple.