GFRIEND - 回:Song of the Sirens ALBUM GIVEAWAY [15 Copies]

Participate in ArmadilloMan's giveaway for GFriend's upcoming release '回:Song of the Sirens'!

Buddynation rejoice! Infamous 'ArmadilloMan' is currently running a giveaway for GFriend's upcoming release '回:Song of the Sirens'.

You are advised to read the basic requirement before filling the form:
Please only fill out the form below if you are a Buddy and genuinely want an album but currently DON'T HAVE the means/funds to buy one.

Here's how you can be one of the 15 lucky Buddys and get a copy (source: GFSquad)
1. Go to this form
2. Fill out your twitter username and your contact e-mail address.
3. Choose your country of residence
4. Fill out the actual reason you are participation in this giveaway. (Again, you are advised to buy the album from online or offline stores if you have the means to do so)
5. Answer the two questions related to GFriend
6. Submit the form

15 winners will be chosen from the participants. The winner announcement will be made on 7th July. You can submit your response until 4th July. I personally thank Armadilloman for emerging as the hero many of us might have needed.

Read more about GFRIEND's July comeback on TGGS. Catch GFriend at KCON:TACT next week.