Dreamcatcher announces first online concert + Ticket details updated

MyMusicTaste announced the first online DREAMCATCHER CONCERT taking place on July 4th
Updated article:
The ticket and pricing information is now out. The 'DREAMCATCHER CONCERT: GLOBAL STREAMING INTO THE NIGHT & DYSTOPIA' takes place on the 4th of July at 11:59pm KST! The stream and VOD will be available only via MyMusicTaste.

Member Handong will not be participating due to her on-going activities in China.
The tickets are divided into different tiers each with its perks.
  • VVIP Tier costs $99.99 and you get a guaranteed Meet and Greet with Dreamcatcher
VVIP Tier costs $99.99 and you get a guaranteed Meet and Greet with Dreamcatcher

The rest of the tier names are self-explanatory, with Early Bird tickets costing 50% less than regular tickets. Early Bird rickets are very limited so make sure you make your decision quickly.

  • Early Bird LIVE + VOD
  • Early Bird LIVE
  • LIVE + VOD
  • LIVE

Merchandise sale information will be available in the coming days. You can buy the tickets and learn more on the MMT website by clicking the button above!

Original article:

Well known concert organising platform, MyMysicTaste, surprised Insomnias as they tweeted out a mysterious teaser for the 'Dreamcatcher Concert'.

If it be what it seems, this will be Dreamcatcher's first online concert. Several idol groups have resorted to organising online concerts in this period of community-distancing. There are not many details about the pricing or the schedule of the event as of now.

Since not much is known, we will have to wait until tomorrow morning for more details. Stay tuned for an update around 11am KST tomorrow! Update