WJSN glow amidst flowers in Group concept photo for 'Neverland'

WJSN are all set for the summer comeback in new beautiful group photo. 'Butterfly' music video releases on 9th June at 6pm KST. 'Neverland' will be Cosmic Girls' 8th mini-album. Their last release was 'As You Wish' which released in December, 2019. Stay tuned for the music video reveals, highlight medley and more teasers!

June 1st:
Concept photo starring Yeonjung is now out

The moving poster:


WJSN (aka Cosmic Girls) have revealed the concept photo featuring member Dayoung. Lim Dayoung flaunts her flower-like visuals in the 'Neverland' teaser photo.

The girlgroup's 3rd mini album releases on 9th June. The lead single for 'Neverland' is titled 'Butterfly'. Check out the teasers for the rest of the members here

The motion poster starring Dayoung has also been revealed

Will you be rooting for Dayoung and WJSN in June's 'plethora of comebacks'? Let us know your favorite in the comments below.