Watch: Upcoming Girlgroup WEEEKLY's pre-debut reality 'weee:kloud'

PlayM's new girlgroup Weeekly has begun releasing episodes for their pre-debut reality show 'Weee:kloud'

Weeekly have started to build up some more hype for their upcoming debut.

The first episode of their pre-debut reality show titled 'weee:kloud' has now been uploaded on YouTube. Watch the video above.

Check out 1TheK's Originals playlist featuring dance and singing covers by Weeekly. The new PlayM group is expected to debut sometime in June. A date or schedule has not been confirmed as of now.

The girls have been carrying out pre-debut activities for over a year under the name 'PlayM Girls'. Watch their numerous covers and behind the scenes videos on their official YouTube channel.

PlayM Entertainment is home to popular groups APink and Victon. Stay tuned for more about Weeekly's debut!