Red Velvet's Yeri unveils fun teaser for web-reality 'Yeri-Bang'

Red Velvet member Yeri will be bringing her first web series via YouTube this June.

YouTube channel 'Dum Dum Studio' uploaded a fun teaser for the show, titled 'Yeri Bang'. Yeri Bang premiers on 8th June at 10 KST on DDS Channel.

Yeri Bang will be a 'mostly' unscripted show featuring Yeri interact with fans naturally and share her thoughts on various topics. Yeri recently did an instagram live with Twice's Nayeon, hinting at a possible collaboration. Thus, fans are looking forward to special episodes that might feature Yeri inviting other idols to the show.

Look forward to the anticipated premier of the show that showcases various charms of Yeri. Stay tuned for more.