IZ*ONE reveal dreamy album trailer for 'Oneiric Diary' comeback

IZ*ONE has revealed the album trailer for their upcoming comeback 'Oneiric Diary'. Oneiric Diary release June 15th at 6pm KST

IZ*ONE has finally teased their upcoming comeback with the release of a dreamy trailer. The teaser features the members dozing off in a boat on their journey amidst the clouds.

IZ*ONE's new album is titled 'Oneiric Diary'. The album releases on 15th June at 6pm KST. The members invite you to travel the skies in a cloudy teaser of the album. Watch the trailer above. Stay tuned for more about ONEIRIC DIARY. Dont forget to tune into IZ*ONE CHU season 3 this week!

IZ*ONE will be performing at KCON:TACT this month! Read about it and check out the full lineup!

The girlgroup's February comeback, 'Fiesta', broke many records within weeks of its release. It will be exciting to see if they manage to raise the bar yet again with the new release.

This will be IZONE's 3rd korean comeback. Are you excited to see a new side of the girls?