DIA reveal tracklist for 6th Mini Album 'Flower 4 Seasons'

May 27th
DIA has revealed the tracklist for 'Flower 4 Seasons'. The mini album contains 6 songs including 2 instrumental tracks. The lead single is titled 'Wrap It'.


May 26th
dia teaser

DIA posted the release schedule for their first mini album in over a year. The teasers for 6th mini album 'Flowers 4 Seasons' kick off from 28th May.

Timetable is as follows:
Tracklist on 28th May
Concept Photo 1 on 29th May
Conceot Photo 2 on 30th May
Art Film + Preorders Start on 1st June
M/V Teaser 1 on 2nd June
Concept Photo 3 on 3rd June
Concept Photo 4 on 4th June
Special Film on 5th June
Highlight Medley or Album Preview on 6th June
M/V Teaser 2 on 8th June
Album + Music Video release on 10th June