BVNDIT release dance practice + choreography M/V of 'Jungle'

Update: BVNDIT released the dance performance (choreography version) of their new release 'Jungle'

Watch the video above and also read my review of BVNDIT's 1st and 2nd mini albums, 'BE!' and 'Carnival'

BVNDIT also released a dance practice version of Jungle when the official music video hit 5 million views last week. The M/V has since went on to hit 1 million views on Stone Entertainment's channel and total views remain over 7.5 million as of today.

Original Article:

BVNDIT released the dance practice version of their latest release Jungle as a token of thanks to fans for taking the official M/V to 5 million views today, as promised.

Check out the video above and watch the rising MNH girlgroup's latest M/V for Jungle here

BVNDIT is MNH's girlgroup that debuted last year with Hocus Pocus.