3YE celebrate first debut anniversary with special video

Rookie girl group 3YE posted a special video thanking fans for the support through the past year

Rookies 3YE posted a special video marking the completion of their first year as a k-pop girl group. Watch the video above.

3YE made their 2nd comeback with single 'Queen'. Watch the music video. Queen is a powerful track that speaks about confidence, self-respect and self-dependance. The members sing 'I am a Queen' as they shun all the hate and negativity that surrounds them.

'Queen' was made possible by a MakeStar donations project. The group has not been extraordinary with the sales and GH Entertainment, being a not-so-big label right now, had to get some help from fans via MakeStar. Girlgroups 'Girlkind' and ANS also recently had their MakeStar projects reach their goal successfully.